Mr.Oleg Ryabets - Prince Orlovsky's annual guest to his ball

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Mr.Oleg Ryabets - Prince Orlovsky's annual guest to his ball

Сообщение  divasperanza в Чт Июн 30, 2011 10:47 pm

Mr.Oleg Ryabets - Prince Orlovsky's annual guest to his ball
- Die Fledermaus at Helikon Opera (Arbatskaya, in 2010)

Mr.Soprano sang for the ball of "Prince Orlovsky" at Helikon Opera 2010!!
"What I did for love" from A Chorus Line - solo (25th and 26th December)

Surprise! Why this song?
Yet "Prince Orlovsky's guests" sing sometimes other genres than classics, yet before he had sung popular music at Farinelli-Fest in Riga... It's unforeseen, almost curious that the world laureate artist sang this piece.

"What I did for love" is a dancer's answer to the question "What do you do when you can't dance?". In the original, after this conversation the dancer knew her defeat. That can never happen to a worldwide laureate Oleg Ryabets, whose history is simply glorious!!

He sang as if he knew well this song's feelings, his performance so moved me and the other spectators. Awfully fascinating and touching - There was not a mismatch of performer-music at all, already it went beyond "Diana's song"!
In his singing, we all felt his everlasting love to his work, to the music - C'est son panache!! Oleg's interpretation was extracting the essentials of this Broadway hit song, giving to it the general value.

Personally I love his classics. But yes, when Oleg Ryabets makes an interpretation, every music finds in deeper way its beauty, meanings and importance!!!

...Bunches of thank-you, always Smile Smile Smile

NB) Transcripted from another forums by the author herself.

Copyright (C) 2011 Atsuko aka divasperanza (aka lautenderein) All Rights Reserved


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